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Building on the fundamentals of mobility, stability, strength, and power, I work with each athlete according to their specific needs and abilities. Many need corrective exercises before we are able to progress.

I train athletes with a focus on movement patterns, not exercises. Core strength, joint stability, and power through transitions are key elements of our athletic programming.


I have developed an extensive "tool box,” and found there is no one right way to approach training. You can never go wrong focusing on form and control through a range of motion. My clients can easily quote my mantra, "Progress, not Perfection."

"Steve Handy is one of the most successful coaches in the area for good reason. His knowledge of the human body and how to change body composition, strength levels and functionality is second to none. Beyond that, his ability to relate with and educate his clients allows for long term success. 

I met Steve as a very young coach and his mentorship and passion showed me how to pursue this field as a career. I owe much to Steve Handy and highly recommend his services."

- Will Greenberg, Buffalo Bills Asst. Strength Coach (NFL)

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